1.Before levels 1 and 6, you can transfer to another area, and there are city selection tools in your backpack. Please reopen your account for zone transfer at level 6 or above.

2. Join an alliance as soon as possible, with abundant resources, activities, and mutual assistance within the alliance. The new account can be upgraded to level 18 in three days in a crowded alliance.

3. After joining the league, newcomers often follow Gao Zhan to get on the car and fight against the biochemical leader, which will gain a lot of resources. First, take down the Travis hero, save energy, and keep the resources in the backpack.

4. Intelligence is refreshed every 8 hours, and it is best for newcomers to complete all tasks. The higher the radar upgrade, the better the reward.

5. [Important] The most important things in this game are three: anti mourning, hero fragments, and acceleration. Please do not squander, be sure to use it in conjunction with the event