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mallmmo 0 983
The latest merged kingdom has been merged, are you ready for the resources. In the next month, we will not be able to access resources and can only make purchases. We hope everyone has prepared the resources they need.When will the next kingdom merge..
05 Oct State of Survival (redemption code surprise gift)
0 4055
Hey Chiefs! Welcome to October!  New month, new adventures.Use the gift code [SOSOCTOBER] to unwrap your special surprise! Act fast! This code is only valid for the first 3000 entries. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting experiences this month...
05 Oct King of Avalon(Cute Dog Activity)
John 0 787
Do you know about the activities of Koki the little dog? Each score can receive different rewards, and the scores are not cumulative. Each kingdom will have activities for the little dog Koki. If you don't know if you can reach the score, you can con..
05 Oct Crystal Saga
John 0 1125
ntroducing the Priest Class in Crystal Saga Idle! In the mystical realms of Crystal Saga Idle, the Priest class shines as a beacon of hope and healing, blessed with formidable magical prowess and unwavering compassion. Choose the Priest class in Crys..
10 Sep Low-priced diamond
0 1645
Use cryptocurrency (USDT) to purchase discounted diamondsI only need $85 for a 10000 diamond that was originally priced at $99, so you can enjoy a cheaper diamond.Safe and fast, it does not affect the use of your game account and will not result in p..
06 Sep King of Avalon
0 360
Regarding the King of Avalon, there are two major regions in this game, one is solar and the other is lunar. There are also over 300 kingdoms in lunar, with a castle level of 50 (full level). The attributes of lunar are higher than those of solar bec..
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