On a quiet day in July, King Avalon had many activities that players had been waiting for. 

In the Frost & Flame: King of Avalon, there are more than 300 kingdoms in King Avalon's game. King Avalon still renewed his kingdom every three days. I want to know if there will be 400 kingdoms in the future. 

As players in the 1-10101 area, they have been playing in the game for three or four years. Their skills are amazing, the castle is very powerful, and they have accumulated a lot of strength, which is very powerful. 

For example, the top ten king 10076, castle level 45, is the top ten king of Avalon. 

When the news of the merging kingdom comes out, almost all Almost all will bring resources. Because they can't easily get KOA RSS after updating, they can only bring all resources to merge the kingdom. If you obtain koa rss after merging the kingdom, there is a certain risk.