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06 Sep New Price
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Previously, our website had 1M silver and 1M iron ore products, which were relatively expensive for customers. We saw that our product packages were very diverse, such as grain+wood+iron ore+silver, or silver+iron ore packages. However, some customer..
06 Sep state of survival
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How do l unlock the Coordinated Operation event for Aircraft?(state of survival)A: The Coordinated Operation requires your State to have been open for a certain period of a time. First, you'll need the 2nd'generation Aircraft, the NHI Ni-1 Yastreb, t..
06 Sep Crystal Saga
28 Aug We are listening to you...
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Do you have any good suggestions for my website?Please feel free to write a comment...
10 Aug How can the King of Avalon sweep the battlefield?
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The main way to enhance combat effectiveness is through long-term resource investment and cultivation. Let's talk about how high war players can bring greater dominance. KoarssThe total number of troops brought into the battlefield by each person is ..
09 Aug State of Survival(Novice Strategy)
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1.Before levels 1 and 6, you can transfer to another area, and there are city selection tools in your backpack. Please reopen your account for zone transfer at level 6 or above.2. Join an alliance as soon as possible, with abundant resources, activit..
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