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How to get rss?

About Avalon's business: selling koarss, upgrading castles, and upgrading alliances.

About how to obtain koarss: I need about 10-30 minutes of preparation time, I need to produce rss, but the rss I produce will be enough for your order, please don't worry. After the production is successful, I will send you the coordinates via email or WhatsApp or line.

You need to fly to my coordinates and attack my castle to obtain rss. The more castles you attack, the more resources you will gain. If you find someone attacking your rss castle, you can contact me and I can change coordinates or stop coordinates for you.We serve you online 24 hours a day。

Glad to meet you, Dear Lord, I have many game introductions about King of Avalon Frost&Flame, and I have various services. "I can do game activities for you, and I can help you earn points from looting battles, but only if I have checked your account.". I also sell resources, upgrade alliances, and upgrade castles. The King of Avalon also has another game name: Age of Frostfall, King of Avalon Frost&Flame. This is all about the name of the King of Avalon. (This is about the Age of Frostfall, the King of Avalon)